LP The Tunas s/t


Format: LP
Artist: The Tunas
Year: 2012
Label: Wild Honey Records (I)
Language: English

[Wild Honey] Gone is the garagepunk attitude, here's the new sound of THE TUNAS: Superb written 6ts Pop'n Psych songs!!! Riccardo Frabetti, guitar Bologna The Tunas, the anticipated release of "We Cut Our Fingers in July": "Our new album will be something much more" big "compared to what we have done in the past." No sooner said than done. The self­titled album is the third and fateful step of the great, to be clear what led to think of the Clash punk in a totalitarian or to Husker Dü to become the hardcore no longer just a matter private. Honor then to Wild Honey Records after The Mojomatics, The Peawees and Movie Star Junkies (three discs on the thickness of the classics for our Italietta) produces the final masterpiece that is already subscribed to the album of the year (only the resurrection / re­emergence of Elvis might change my mind) and litmus test for understanding the caliber of our province music. What's inside "The Tunas"? The ferocity of Husker Du, the melancholy of folk ("15th of July" and the ballad obscure and popular "One Year Older" are suitable catch his breath and glue these ecstatic thirty­five minutes), the poetry of the Paisley Underground ("Daddy Says "would not disfigured in the songs of Medicine Show), the anger of punk, the sparkle of the power pop of the Hoodoo Gurus, the bold look of the garage and the irresistible youth mental that makes the four boys from Bologna beings unaffected by the currents of fashion. Everything from oil paints to cover harmonica mouth "I've been Young", promises a small revolution, so that we can allow to evoke our "Dream Syndicate". Here too, small Zen gardens (Arcade) grow in freedom.