LP Shantih Shantih "Someone, Anyone?"


Format: LP
Artist: Shantih Shantih
Title: Someone, Anyone?
Year: 2019
Label: Wild Honey Records (I)
Language: English


Shantih Shantih is a four-piece band founded in Atlanta, GA.
Combining rock ‘n roll with dreamy harmonies over twanging guitars, the group consists of Italian native Anna Barattin on vocals and rhythm guitar, Julia Furgiuele on vocals and drums, Anna Kramer on lead guitar, and Nikki Speake on bass.

Their new album, “Someone, Anyone?!”, is released September 27th on Wild Honey Records.

The band's first 7" was released via the Italian label 'shit music for shit people', with a second single featuring on Adult Swim’s annual compilation. Their first full length, Winter in September, came out through Dusty Medical Records (USA) and Wild Honey Records (Europe).

They have toured the US and Europe multiple times, as well as appearing at various festivals; the Atlanta Mess Around, Winterland, Intensified, Humanist, SK Festival, and headlined the Indie Grits Festival in Columbia, SC.

If you dig girl groups, dream pop, doo woop you can’t miss Shantih Shantih!