LP Love Trap "Rosie"


Format: LP
Artist: Love Trap
Title: Rosie
Year: 2019
Label: Wild Honey Records (I) WH-046
Language: English

Love Trap is an exciting project by two well-known musicians of the European underground music scene.
In April of 2018, Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies,LAME) and Marco Spigariol (Vermillion Sands, Krano) decided to jam in a small room that was simply furnished with two chairs, a fucked up plinky piano, a twangy guitar and a few crude percussion instruments.

Their initial free improvisation quickly transformed into an eight day musical stream of consciou-
sness that was manifested in eight tracks that pay homage to classical musical influences yet also reflect their contemporary context.

"Love Trap. Fresh elements and new looks at classical forms. The songs were on the tip of my mind, I couldn't quite find the words but knew them already and knew they were there already. Lost undiscovered classics. Small room sound, piano, rotten guitar and organ."

Delaney Davidson