LP Volkov "Sad, Rich And Fat"


Format: LP / CD
Artist: Volkov
Title: Fat, Rich And Sad / Hockey Fights And Hockey Sticks
Year: 2019
Label: One Chord Wonder (I) OCW-038 / Mom’s Basement Records (US) MBR26 / I Buy
Recods (I) IBR012
Language: English

Volkov from Milan, Russia, after a couple of 7” debut with a longplaying.
Two different cover and two different titles for vinyl and cd, but the songs ramain the same (crazy guys...).
Ten tracks of classic punk rock with a lot of chorus. Dudes from Mega helps with their fantastic chorus and Matt from Proton Packs tries to tribute Rev. Norb sermons on “The Russian Woodpecker”.
Vinyl limited to 200, CD limited to 100.

1. Autumn In Bijsk
2. Guitar Addict
3. Raining Shit
4. Rostov On The Don
5. Not To You
6. Two Headed Eagle
7. Shy Guy
8. The Russian Woodpecker
9. 96 Me
10. All By Myself