LP The Manges "The Manges 'R' Good Enough"


Format: LP black vinyl
Artist: Manges
Title: The Manges 'R' Good Enough
Year: 2001 (2012 re-issue)
Label: Surfin' Ki (I)
Language: English

Originally released on Stardumb Records, the Manges debut album is back on vinyl, and this remastered version (Johnny Love, same guy that mastered "Bad Juju") brings a more powerful sound while letting you discover some details that you might have missed so far.

1. I'm A Monkey
2. Blame Game
3. Elvis Has Left The Building
4. I'll Take You To Hawaii
5. I Hate Rats
6. 80's Soldier
7. Kids Are At The Mall
8. Miss Evil
9. Now Or Never
10. Goonies 'R' Good Enough
11. Rumble In Chinatown
12. Yeah (Late Night Song)