LP DeeCracks "Totally Cracked Lp"


Artist: DeeCracks
Title: Totally Cracked Lp
Year: 2016
Label: Between The Days Records (USA), distributed in Europe by Stripedmusiccom
Language: English

At the end of 2007 DeeCRACKS were a mess and the serious possibility of breaking up seemed to loom large over the group. However, this record once again reinforced the band's intention to stay true to themselves and keep their music alive.

“We formed in 2003 as a 4-piece called the CRETINS and consequently made a name for ourselves in and around our home country Austria. 2007 started off well with a tour through France and the release of our self-titled full-length debut “The CRETINS”. During the summer of this year we also recorded the tracks present on this record. Unfortunately, things soon took a turbulent turn for the worse as we found ourselves confronted with a lawsuit over the copyright of the “CRETINS”-name which would limit our activities thereafter. On top of that, second guitar player Marc announced his departure from the band in autumn due to a job opportunity in Germany and in January 2008, just after having changed our name to DeeCracks, bass player Manu left to pursue his career goals.

With a new name and two original members gone, it seemed like the CRETINS were dead. Despite all these setbacks, Matt and I decided to look for a new bass player and to continue playing under the DeeCRACKS flag. In early 2008 Styrian young gun Apey joined us on bass and we worked our butts off to get ourselves back up from the bottom.

In May of 2009 we finally released the “TOTALLY CRACKED” EP including some of the songs recorded back in 2007. In June of the same year, right before we went on our first US-Tour, dutch record label MONSTER ZERO released the “BEACH 90” 7“ and from that moment on DeeCRACKS a.k.a. The CRETINS were busier than ever.

This re-release represents the missing link between the CRETINS- and the DeeCRACKS-eras and contains all the songs from that specific 2007 recording session. Not only do we want to pay tribute to Marc, Manu and everyone else involved with this record, but also to everyone helping, working, touring with us during our entire existence.