CD French Exit "Guts & Black Stuff"


Format: CD
Artist: French Exit
Title: Guts And Black Stuff
Year: 2013
Label: It's Alive Records (USA) IAR 80
Language: English

[It's Alive] French Exit's first full length album Guts & Black Stuff is a twelve-track course of sing-along, post-hardcore inspired pop punk traveled by band at its absolute best. They are a band that knows exactly where they want a a song to go and have the ability to lead it precisely there. Verses anchor your guts right where they need to be for the choruses to shake them loose and spill them all over the floor. Buildups scoop up that black, happy, ugly mess from beneath your feet and send them soaring overhead. Starts, stops and breakdowns keep you wondering where the fuck you are until the bridges guide you safely back home so you can loose your shit all over again.

Every track on Guts & Black Stuff has an undeniable and unavoidable hook that grabs hold and demands your participation. There is a tension created between the deeper, smoother vocals of Tim and the lighter, gravelly vocals of Bob that beg for your own voice to fuse the two together by singing and shouting along. That same tension exists between Bob's more technical lead guitar work and Anthony's stripped-down, straight-to-amp rhythm guitar crunch; and again between Tim's airy bass lines and Duke's heavy power-drumming. Air guitar shredding and phantom drum pummeling will be provided by you.

Cover Art: Max Stern