A message from DeeCRACKS

A message from DeeCRACKS

Posted by StripedMusicCom on 8th Apr 2020

DeeCRACKS are donating their whole Bandcamp revenue to hospitals in Bergamo, from April 8th to 18th.
Click here to help them and make a difference:

Here's the band's message: 

"As you probably know, due to the ongoing pandemic, we had to cancel our upcoming touring plans in Italy supporting our new 7 inch “…Can’t get it right”. As sad as it is not being able to tour, it pales in comparison to how sad we are seeing the numbers of infections and deaths worldwide, especially Italy, a country we have strong ties with. We have countless friends and fans there, I would say, its’s family. Bergamo got hit pretty hard and the hospital there can use any help they can get, which is why we decided to release our new 7 inch digitally today, 10 days before the actual release to raise money for the hospital in Bergamo.

So, for the next 10 days, all of the revenue from Bandcamp, regardless of what you buy, will be donated to the Bergamo hospital to help finance the fight of the COVID-19 virus. So, if you ever wanted to buy any of our music digitally, now is a good time. It’s for a very good cause, so get your karma points up by helping us help the hospital in Bergamo! Thanks for your help! Stay safe everyone!".