7" The Manges feat Giuda "Tootsie Rolls" [red vinyl]


Expected release date is June 25, 2021. Your whole order will not ship before that date.

Format: 7"
Artist: The Manges feat Giuda
Title: Tootsie Rolls
Year: 2021
Label: Damaged Goods Records
Language: English


Track list:

1 Tootsie Rolls
2 Tootsie Rolls (Part II) - Giuda remix

[Damaged Goods] A very tasty limited edition of 500 7″ singles on RED vinyl featuring a collaboration between two great Italian bands, The Manges and Giuda.

“We like Giuda. A lot. Over the years we’ve met at shows, played together a bunch of times, and we believe the respect and admiration is mutual. We didn’t want our latest album to sound like all contemporary punk rock of our scene. We are a so-called “Ramonescore” band but we started more than 25 years ago so we think that definition is not enough to describe what we’ve done and what we’re still doing.

We love what Giuda did with ’70s glam rock… they took a kind of music that was more than 40 years old and made it fresh, catchy, relevant today, while still following a specific canon. They produce their own records so we thought they could totally improve a Manges one. They know punk rock pretty well too and that’s a fact. Just think about their astonishing previous band Taxi! We wanted to see what could happen by having Lorenzo and Danilo’s approach on our band’s music.

The studio sessions in Rome were great, we have been very productive although the environment was pretty laid-back. One of our favorite songs for our new album is called ‘Tootsie Rolls’, and it kinda stands aside from the rest of the album, being a more pure rock tune. On this one, our producers could totally work on their favorite arrangements and structure, to the point that we ended up having two versions: one, the album song, and two, a remixed version featuring members of Giuda, called ‘Tootsie Rolls – Part II’.

What a treat!”

We at Damaged Goods agree, it’s a great 7″!