7" split The Mugwumps / The Vapids


Format: split 7"
Artist: The Mugwumps / The Vapids
Year: 2016
Label: Striped Records (I) STR007
Language: English

Austria’s THE MUGWUMPS enter the split 7” game hot off the Tail of their “CAN”T BE THE ONE” LP from 2015 with TWO brand new punk rock classics, “KA-MUN-RAH” (We’re not sure what this means) together with a scorching ballad, “THE REASON”. The Mugs stay on top of the race using accuracy and precision! Perfectly executed 5-CHORD PUNK ROCK.

Meanwhile, in the land of LACROSSE – the on again/off again siblings in THE VAPIDS dish out TWO of their own exclusive tracks – NOT on their latest full plate “SUBURBAN REPTILES”. Here you get “CAPITAL CITY CREEPS” (maybe you shoulda called this one CAP-CIT-CRE!) as well as the barn burner “DANGEROUS GAMES”. In true form, this could be the LAST!