7" Radioactivity "Erased"


Format: 7"
Artist: Radioactivity
Title: Erased /Fear
Year: 2019
Label: Wild Honey Records (I) WH-050
Language: English

"Erased was actually written just after we finished recording Silent Kill" Je Burke reveals. The song sounds like an evolution of that sound, with a driven ri following the classic Burke's melanchonic melodies. The b-side, "Fear", goes back into the dark tone of the tough and radioactive Japanese days. "It was written in 2011 when I was living there, but only got recorded properly in 2018" said Burke.

Dealing in fast, streamlined punk rock with ringing guitars, simple but eective melodic hooks, and a double dose of energy, Radioactivity were formed in 2013 by Je Burke and Mark Ryan, who had previously worked together in the well-respected garage punk band the Marked Men.
Radioactivity began as a spino of the Novice, a band Burke worked with from 2010 to 2012 while he was living in Japan. When Burke returned to the United States and settled in Denton, Texas, he didn't want to let the songs he wrote
for the Novice go to waste, so he reworked them and assembled a new band as a platform for the material. With Burke on guitar and vocals, Ryan on bass
and vocals, and Gregory Rutherford on drums, Burke named the new band Radioactivity, and they cut a self-titled debut for Dirtnap Records that was released in October 2013.
The rest is history!