7" Pool Party "Born Too Loose"


Format: 7"
Artist: Pool Party
Title: Born Too Loose
Year: 2013
Label: It's Alive Records (USA) IAR78
Language: English

[It's Alive] Born Too Loose is Pool Party's first release with It's Alive Records. It is everything I loved about the Miami / South Florida pop punk scene of the 90's. It's sleezy, cheezy and extra greezy! It's all rock n roll riffs over totally popped out punk. The song subjects stick to the classics: sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Pool Party do the D.U.M.B. thing to the extreme. It's completely over-the-top ridiculous with sexy awesome results. This shit's for people who aren't too uptight to let loose, get dumb and abandon any self respect and dignity they might have had for the sake of having some fun. There's no lifeguard on duty at this party. Someone's gonna get hurt..