7" Los Mofongos "Puerto Rico"


Format: 7"
Artist: Los Mofongos
Title: Puerto Rico / Non Giudicare
Year: 2019
Label: BadMan Records #30
Language: English/Italian

Archetype of the  short-life-music-project, if one has ever existed.
Grown out from an alcoholic idea formulated between a New York
snowfall and a watering of genitals in the Caribbean seas during the
debauch-a-rico fest,
The Mofongos are born and die within a day waiting for a return flight
from the States to Europe following the causal meeting with Matt
Verta-Ray (producer and guitarist  with Speedball Baby, heavy Trash, Brooklyn
Lafayette and Andre Williams) near by the hotel in the Bowery district.

Hence the idea of trying to
record, without any practice before, some tracks as souvenir at NY Hed
Studios, run by Matt himeself and his wife Roxy.

The result is two song with Romance languages lyrics: a re-adaptation
of a classic bo diddley number and an original tribute to Puerto Rico

Mastered by: Tim Warren