7" Detroit Cobras / Kenny Tudrick


Format: 7"
Artist: Detroit Cobras / Kenny Tudrick
Year: 2019
Label: Wild Honey Records (I)
Language: English

Detroit Cobras pride themselves in finding obscure b-side gems and making it exciting for new generations.
Now the time has come, that the source material arrives straight from their own drummer.
Kenny Tudrick, multi instrumentalist, has been the drummer of the band since the early days, but he also has a solo
career by his own as and artist and producer.
Playing and re arranging those rock’n’roll, r'n'b and soul forgotten songs for all these years, absorbing their feeling and
groove, highly influenced his songwriting. A hi-standard that now has been reached.
"Stay Down" is a groover, a spaghetti western influenced originally written from a drum beat and vocals.
"As soon as the song hit me I ran to the drums: I knew it was a Cobras tune" Kenny says, "Band even thought it was an
obscure old song when I presented it to them"
"Lightning Byrd" had a similar approach in the writing, and it felt like the perfect flipside. "As Seymour Stein would say, I
concentrated on the Impact Scenario, when the needle drops on the record"
Both tracks are the first to come out of the Black River House recording studio, personally built by Kenny over 2 years
of hard work, even refurbish an old RCA tube console by hand, similar to the one that was used in Sun Studios.