7" Crusades "Parables"


Format: 7"
Artist: Crusades
Title: Parables
Year: 2013
Label: It's Alive Records (USA) IAR 71
Language: English

[It's Alive] Crusades are a band that have made fans of strangers. Their music is not so far off from what It's Alive has released in the past that they don't fit in with or don't make sense sandwiched between bands like Chinese Telephones and The Dopamines. But they are far enough from our center that they have reached the ears of people who wouldn't usually look to us for new music to get into. Those people now come looking for more and find something different, yet similar enough to take interest and give it a chance. Some become fans of what we are doing and the records we are putting out. For that we will forever be stoked to have released Crusades debut album The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In.

Parables is a perfect summary of Crusades. It has build up, power, melody, pop punk appeal, masterful guitar shredding and each of the three vocalists gets time on mic to showcase this bands vocal versatility. Lyrically it presents worthwhile questioning of conventional belief as I am sure all Crusades material forever will. Stoked again.

Cover art: Dave Williams

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