7" Barrakuda McMurder "Slow Crawl"


Format: 7"
Artist: Barrakuda McMurder
Title: Slow Crawl
Year: 2009
Label: It's Alive Records (USA) IAR 32
Language: English

[It's Alive] Great band, horrible name! Some of the best punk rock bands have had the worst names, so maybe there's something to it. Barrakuda McMurder is the first band to come from Grath Madden - former front man for the late, great Steinways - since the untimely end of The Steinways. Slow Crawl is packed with incredibly catchy melody and harmonies that fans of The Steinways' past recordings will be well accustomed too, but lyrically this ep has taken a turn for the slightly more serious. Sure the songs are still about love and all that junk, but they read a little more personal than before. A great first release from a new band showing lots of promise... If you're into this kinda thing, which we are!