2x CD + sticker The Mandelbaums "The Timeless Art Of Seduction" + "Take It Up A Notch!"


Artist: Mandelbaums
Year: 2020
Label: Badman (I) BM#35 + BM#36
Language: English

The Mandelbaums are back with 12 more macho head game anthems about Bosco, big salads, and dominating the dojo on their latest release, The Timeless Art of Seduction. Victoria, BC’s favourite fancy boys bring together Ramones energy and Seinfeld storylines to create a new genre that’ll have the punks pogoing and the couch potatoes yearning for more!

In this pack you can find the new album "Timeless Art of Seduction" (digipack) + reissue of debut album "Take It Up A Notch!" (Card wallet) + Sticker