12" EP Travoltas "Back To The City"


Format: LP
Artist: Travoltas
Title: Back To The City
Year: 2021
Label: White Russian Records
Language: English

“Back To The City” - the brand new EP by Dutch poppunk/surfpunk legends
Travoltas, with on the B-side their 2014 EP “The Longest Wait” (never before
released on LP). Available on baby blue vinyl and burgundy red vinyl, with over
half an hour of tunes with Travoltas’ trademark harmonies!
The first single of the new EP, "Escape The Pressure”, is an in-your-face rebuttal
against the mind numbing rat race we often find ourselves in. While the lyrics are
stripped down to escapism in its purest form, the uptempo, riff driven track shows
the band's heavier side not heard since their earliest albums. This song sets the
mood perfectly for the brand new EP and is a welcome addition to any Travoltas

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